2018 - 10. OCTOBER (42 tracks)

Staring Into The SunITG 1276 Changing Traffic Lights00203'32"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Urban ChicCEZ 4168 Fashionista01504'42"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Little Sandy SleighfootSIS 041 Vintage Christmas Songs A01302'55"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
IcarusPED F072 Dawn Songs00204'05"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Dignified MindSUPI 024 Timeless Elegance - Splendor & Luxury01202'09"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Whale SeaMAG 6029 Hugo Lascoux - Underwater Exploration00703'24"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
A Determined ManFML VN 004 Silent Movie Vol. 100301'31"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
SartiDNB 958 Italian B-Movies Vol. 201301'10"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Back HomeJUST 110 My Favourite Acoustic Pop Songs 300803'51"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Chanson CapricieuseNTPM 023 Pop Francaise00602'54"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Take Me By The HandFML ARC 086 Country Blue USA01402'27"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Rolling StarGUM 7117 US Rock00102'30"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Boyhood MemoriesPML 134 Jingles 802200'32"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Work It With SoulFML SND 001 Soundworks06302'48"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
PiperOVCD 004 Rock'n'Dance00303'48"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Quiet GeniusIPM 050 String Theory 401602'02"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Let's GoVH 074 Poptimism00401'37"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Black CodeSTR 020 Dusky Beats01001'44"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Drunken SmileSC 028 Singer Songwriter Vol. 400103'23"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Moment Musical Op 94 No 3BYND 096 Classical Piano02502'13"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Where Dreams Are MadeIMX 049 Wandering Hearts00101'47"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Sur Le Champs De Bataille (Alternate 2)CEO 2059 Original Score By Jerome Lemonnier – Demain Des L'Aube01402'00"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Kiss Me QuickZONE PLUS 510 A Cornucopia Of Kitsch01002'37"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Soul SearchingXRCD 088 All Dogs Go To Heaven00103'22"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Freestylin'WILD 015 Liftmusic Wildcards 01500601'02"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Fatal DestinyVT 045 Score Vol. 4 - Sci-Fi02000'47"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Closer To The SunTJ 089 Beautiful Secret01202'31"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Blue In The FaceSTORY 005 Waterlogged00105'11"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Rainbow RoomPRCD 115 1970s Pop Maniacs01403'06"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Can't Get EnoughDEN 015 Captain Swagger00503'24"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Summer SkiesMX 067 Lounge Deluxe Vol. 108501'03"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Hermanns OrganIVOX 421 Vintage Gems01701'59"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Loving You Should Be A CrimeIND 034 Downtempo Indie01603'05"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Tanz Der StundenHR 2287 Velvet Piano01302'32"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Summer In Your SoulFLAVA 030 Flava Of The Month June 201400304'41"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
We'll Be AlrightFA 124 Off The Charts Indie Pop 204903'04"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Down Our StreetEZLY 021 Sitcom Vol. 200303'11"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
SirensCAV 431 Mixtape Vol. 301003'37"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
St James InfirmaryBIBTQ 082 Everyday Song Book01904'20"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Wandering SoulBC 024 Wandering Soul00102'54"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Until The DayALT 108 Dark Indie00103'31"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
In The GroundAB-CD 294 Dark Places05103'29"EXPDownloadPRJFAV